*Entropy says that real sustainability is impossible. We try as follows:

Environmental sustainability

  • We grow our produce in the middle of the urban community we serve – no fleet of trucks is needed to bring greens from country to city.
  • We use only returnable glass jars as packaging (although we are experimenting with returnable silicone pouch packaging and have used paper bags at farmers’ markets.) No plastic, no bio-plastic, both of which have avoidable, significant carbon footprints.
  • We pay a premium for green electricity from Bullfrog – our operations are essentially carbon neutral.
  • We deliver customers’ weekly subscriptions by pedal-assist e-bike (recharged with green e-); customer pick-up earns discounted pricing to encourage local subscriptions.
  • We worm compost all used microgreen growing media and vegetable garden cuttings to produce nutrient-rich organic compost for supply back to the community.
  • We use only organic seeds and soil and follow organic growing practices.

Social sustainability

  • We hire from with our delivery geography – employees and customers are from the same community.
  • We supply our excess trays of microgreens to a local foodbank.
  • We are launching an event space (at the 'farmhouse', 616 Indian Road) to deliver grow-your-own-microgreen classes and as a pop-up private diner for start-up local chefs.
  • We provide access to the freshest greens possible, containing the highest levels of nutrition – healthy food supports a healthy society.

Economic sustainability

  • We supply a locally-grown option for greens out-of-season, when our rural farms cannot – local production improves local food security and creates new local jobs without impacting our traditional farmers.
  • We seek turn the business cash positive during Q4 and to provide an attractive financial return to investors (this farmer) thereafter.
  • We seek to develop and codify our urban farm operating model to enable its replication in adjacent geographies, and further afield, to enable more people to access fresh, high-quality, locally produced foods.