Chicken Consulting

We are available to advise on keeping backyard chickens in the neighbourhood. The City of Toronto permits the keeping of chickens (hens, no roosters) in within a defined geography chosen as a pilot. Lucky us, one of the pilot areas covers the Junction.

We may also be able to supply chicken coops. Our current prototype coop - The Junction Hen House - is designed for usability - chicken and human. It  has the smallest footprint possible - 3' x 4' - to fit our city gardens. It has four floors with ladders to give the girls maximum space. All utilities can be serviced from outside the attached 'run' (a requirement). The living roof also acts as a rain harvester to replenish the watering reservoir. The food and watering system is high-capacity, so in theory the chicken keeper can leave them for a week or two unattended (not advised, however). It looks gorgeous and can easily be clad to match your garden.
We are happy to chat about chickens any time! Drop us a line!