Hello, my name is Dirk and I’m the farmer at Junction Microfarm.

I fell into farming thanks to Covid. The farmers markets were closed and microgreen consumers were going without, including Florence. So she asked if I could grow them. Why not?  I started with some leftover seeds from last year’s vegetable garden, then black-eyed peas from the Sweet Potato. They grew. It helps that I’ve been keeping plants and gardening for most of my life. Also helpful is a previous career as a management consultant.

Junction Microfarm is a family business. The children do a mix of paid and volunteer ;) work, and Florence provides critical support on Shopify, social media and retail.

Junction Microfarm is an experiment. We seek to build a commercially successful urban farm here in the Junction. The farm will grow fresh produce daily for direct-to-customer delivery within a small geographic area – a 2-3 kilometers radius around the Junction. By serving a tight geography we can supply ultra-fresh product with ultra-low emissions. We have started the farm with microgreens, a growing market, and will add further ranges, some under pilot. We are inspired by the Dutch farmers leading the way in high-efficiency urban growing of healthy food for the masses. We can see a future in which small farms using vertical growing, green energy and clever automation to allow hundreds of urban neighborhoods to have their own local farms supplying the freshest possible produce. These farms can also be a hub for advocacy and education on healthy eating, gardening, and growing your own food, as we hope to be. These farms can also be environmentally sound, as we work on at Junction Microfarm: green electricity, reusable product packaging, organic seeds and soil, no plastic, pedestrian and bike deliveries all help to reduce the farm's footprint.

That’s the story so far. Stay tuned for updates.