Chickens and the Natural Order

The fortress has fallen, Penny is dead. Natural law has again triumphed over human law. Yesterday, I imagined that I owned Penny, as the law recognizes. But raccoons don’t understand human law, it doesn’t make sense, it’s just not realistic from their perspective. When you’re hungry, you gotta eat! Chicken tastes so good! A starving man beamed into my backyard would do the same: take and eat my chicken. So, Kubler-Ross-style, I’ve moved from guilt to resignation. You never beat natural law. At best you hold it at bay. Security upgrade #3 upcoming. This episode is also a useful reminder of the heartless nature of Nature. The starving man would have at least killed Penny before eating her. While the raccoon was heartless, poor Penny was liverless. It's a cruel world out there, and I benefit from the occasional, visceral reminder of this truth, as I lead my comfortable life.
Advisory: there is no image associated with this blog post in order to protect readers' sensibilities.

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